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Wwbconnection - Nordic Group SK

  1. If your company is interested in collaborating with SMB subcontractor construction companies from Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Austria and Portugal feel free to send an email to info@nordic-group.sk or info@wwbconnection.com

    Our partner construction companiesare experts in the following areas:
    • Implementing of building construction and civil engineering
    • Implementing of bridge structures
    • Roads and dual carriageways
    • Tunnelling works - Maritime and port works
    • Construction of turnkey structures
    • Excavation of shafts
    • Excavation of shafts for crushing, crushing station
    • Dynamic reinforcement - Stabilisation of soil
    • Integral water management
    • And more...
  2. Our company specializes in bringing together medium size construction companies from Austria, Portugal, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic to expand into the Scandinavian, Holland and Swiss market. If your company is interested in collaborating with Scandinavian, Holland or Swiss markets, please send us your company profile presentation only in English, with national and international projects constructed and project values to info@nordic-group.sk or info@wwbconnection.com. During the process of the project our company is involved in:
    • Communication between the Main Contractor and Subcontractor
    • Attending the initial and main meetings
    • Checking project progress
    • Negotiating new projects for the Subcontractor
    • And more...
  3. We negotiated with successful cooperation, for a Slovakian construction company, to build bridges, for a Scandinavian construction company as a subcontractor in Vinstra and Stavanger.